FEEM Organization

Internal organisation

The affairs of the Federation are conducted by an Executive Committee consisting of at least 7 individual delegates being member of the senior management team of their respective membership company. These delegates are elected to that position by the annual General meeting for a two years of office.


The Executive Committee therefore consists of:


  1. A President
  2. One Vice-Presidents
  3. At least 4 Executive Members
  4. In addition, the affairs of FEEM are served by a Secretary General.

The Executive Committee decide policy and this is executed by the Secretary General.

Working Groups

FEEM recognises that “self-regulation” is the most effective method of ensuring proper order within the industry. The proper provision of such internal discipline is effective not only in reducing the practical hazards involved but also in displaying to any legislative authorities the model on which legislation should be based. To this end FEEM has formed a series of Working Groups who draw on the expertise of each of the member companies in the specialist areas of the explosives industry.


The Working Groups concerned are:


  1. Blasting Practice Working Group
  2. Health and Safety in
    Manufacture Working Group
  3. Security Working Group
  4. Transport Working Group


These Working Groups produce Guidance Notes and Technical Bulletins to which all members of FEEM aspire. These publications are accepted by industry and by National Authorities alike as authoritative expert opinion on workable standards within the industry.


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